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SGCC Roof Sheet

Name Color Coated Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet Roof Tile
Material SGCC,SGCH,JIS G3302,DX51D,DX52D,DX53D
Thickness 0.10-1mm or customer's Requirement

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Product Description

Product Description

NameColor Coated Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet Roof Tile
MaterialSGCC,SGCH,JIS G3302,DX51D,DX52D,DX53D
Thickness0.10-1mm or customer's Requirement
Width400-1500mm,Normal width is 914/1000/1219/1250/1500mm
Type of coating processFront:double coated&double drying;Back:double coated&double drying;single coated&double drying;
ColorRefer to RAL numbers or customer sample,common colors are sea blue, white grey and bright red.
CharacteristicsWeather proof;heating insulation;fireproof;anti-rust;sound insulation;long life span:more than 20 years
Advantages1.low foundation cost 2.easy construction3.time and labor saving4.labor saving
PackingTied up with steel strips and wrapped with water proof paper
ApplicationVarious roofs or walls referring to the large size factory buildings,storage,exhibition halls,gymnasiums etc.
Surface treatmentUnoil,dry,chromate passivated,non-chromate passivate

Specification Parameters


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Conceal Fixed System

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The lock-action rib design, together with smart fluted pans and concealed fastening, means that M-Clipp 430 can be used in a variety of applications including low-pictched roods, vertical as well as horizontal ribbed walling.


Cover Width430mm
Rib Height42mm
Thickness (TCT)0.54mm
Steel GradeG550 (550 N/mm²)
Minimum Roof Pitch2° (without end-lap)
3° (with end-lap)

M-SPAN 925

Pierce Fixed System

图片 4.png

M-Span 925 trapezoidal profile has a cover width of 925mm and rib height of 26mm for striking linearity, modern appearance, good water carrying capacity, greater strength and design flexibility.


Cover Width925mm
Rib Height26mm
Thickness (TCT)0.48mm
Steel GradeG550 (550 N/mm²)
Minimum Roof Pitch3° (without end-lap)
5° (with end-lap)

M-CLAD 1015

Pierce Fixed System

图片 5.png

M-Clad 1015 offers a subtle square fluted roofing and walling profile. It is an economical solution for roof and wall cladding applications in industrial and commercial project segments.


Cover Width1015mm
Rib Height28mm
Thickness (TCT)0.48mm
Steel GradeG550 (550 N/mm²)
Minimum Roof Pitch3° (without end-lap)
5° (with end-lap)

M-SEAM 530/505

Conceal Fixed System

图片 6.png

M-Seam 530/M-Seam 505 architectural standing seam roof/wall profile provides excellent water-tightness, superior wind uplift resistance, structural integrity, and sleek appearance.


Cover WidthM-Seam 530/505mm
Rib Height25/38mm
Thickness (TCT)0.61mm
Steel GradeG300 (300 N/mm²)
Minimum Roof Pitch3° (without end-lap)
5° (with end-lap)


Conceal Fixed System

图片 7.png

M-Panel 300 is an aesthetically pleasing profile for any type of building design. The panels offer design flexibility for ceiling, soffit, fascia, wall and hoarding applications. It can be laid horizontally or vertically to suit architect’s deign requirements.


Cover Width300mm
Rib Height25mm
Thickness (TCT)0.61mm
Steel GradeG300 (300 N/mm2)

Color coated roof/wall sheet

Also known as corrugated roof & wall sheet, prepainted steel sheet, available in various model types, suitable for roof &wall & facade, with performance in durability, corrosion resistance, long life and beautiful appearance.  

Color coated roof/wall sheet application

1. residence' roof & wall& facede

2. workshop' roof & wall& facede

3. factory' roof & wall& facede

4. office building' roof & wall& facede

5. apartment' roof & wall& facede

6. site dormitory' roof & wall& facede

7. partition' roof & wall& facede

8. poultry house' roof & wall& facede

9. container house' roof & wall& facede

10. prefabricated house' roof & wall& facede

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Shandong Linghang Steel Group Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, Shandong Province, with convenient transportation. The company was established in 2020 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan.
Currently, there are nearly 100 employees. This company specializes in producing stainless steel.Steel plate, stainless steel tube, stainless steel bar and other stainless steel profiles. In addition, it also produces various alloy plates. The main materials of our products are TP304/304L, TP316/316L, TP321, 310S, 904L, S31803, 2520Si2, Monel400, etc. There is in the company the annual output of various stainless steel products is more than 10,000 tons, mainly including Used in petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, construction, decoration, semiconductor, Automobile engine, locomotive braking system, gas equipment manufacturing, instruments and meters Equipment, food processing, catering, brewing and other industries.

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