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DX51D Galvanized Steel Coil

As a leading manufacturer of galvanized steel coils, Linghang Steel adheres to strict quality standards to produce galvanized steel coils/plates. We guarantee that our products meet the requirements of customers.

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Product Description


As a leading manufacturer of galvanized steel coils, Linghang Steel adheres to strict quality standards to produce galvanized steel coils/plates. We guarantee that our products meet the requirements of customers.

Specification Parameters


Product nameGalvanized Steel Coil
Zinc Coating30-275g/m2
Width600-1250 mm
LengthTo Customer's Demends
Thickness Tolerance0
Width Tolerance+/-0.06
Length Tolerance+/-0.06
Surface StructureMini/Big Spangle
Surface TreatmentAnti-Finger printing ,Chromated, oiled/ non-oiled
MaterialSGCC/CGCC/TDC51DZM/TDC52DTS350GD/TS550GD/DX51D+Z Q195-q345
Packagestandard export package
Price   ItemFOB,CFR,CIF
MOQ10 Tons
PortAny Port In China

Galvanized steel coils are widely used in different fields and applications. You can see it in metal roof panels, microwave ovens, car decorative panels, telecommunication cable and so on.

Benefits include:

Corrosion resistance and rust prevention: The main advantages of galvanized steel coil are its corrosion resistance and rust prevention performance. Iron in steel is a very active chemical substance, which is easy to rust. However, the addition of zinc plays a protective and buffering role between steel and moisture or oxygen. Therefore, the zinc coating acts as a barrier against external attacks and will sacrifice itself to protect the underlying steel. 

Life expectancy: In the case of zinc plating, the life expectancy of GI coil in working environment is far more than 50 years, and it can last for more than 20 years under severe water exposure. Cost: First of all, compared with other coatings, the total cost of zinc plating is lower. In addition, galvanized steel coils can be used at any time upon delivery. It does not require additional surface treatment, inspection, painting or coating. 

Durable and reliable: Hot rolled or cold rolled coils are often used as the base material for galvanized steel. The strength of steel is high, and the galvanized layer is strong and durable. 

Complete protection: every inch of galvanized steel coil is protected, including grooves, sharp edges and inaccessible areas, so that it is not easy to be damaged. Easy inspection: The structure and design of this product are simple, so it can be easily evaluated by naked eyes, and a simple nondestructive thickness testing method can be used.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil 

LH Steel Slitting Capabilities:

Material Thickness:.010"-.500"
Min/Max Slit Width:.375”-84”
Min/Max ID:20”-30”
Max OD:84"
Slit Width Tolerance:+/-.005"
Structural GradesCMnPSAlSiCuNiCrMoVCbTiN
45T2.02- 0.08.30- 1.0.03- .070.025.02- . .03
50C2 & 55C20.151.350.040.04
60C1 & 65C10.
60C2 & 65C20.

Application of galvanised steel coils

Galvanised steel coils are widely used in the following industries:

In the construction industry: to manufacture structural elements low-rise construction, light steel thin-walled structures, sandwich panels, lining of heat pipelines and various heat insulation, conditioning systems, metal roof shingle, profiled sheeting, culvert pipes, cladding of entry doors, elevators, reinforcement profiles for PVC windows and plastic doors, European-type fasteners for plasterboards, etc

In the automotive industry: to manufacture external and internal car body parts, as well as to repair external public transport body parts, eg for buses and trams)

In the machine building and instrumentation industries: to manufacture cases for electrical and mechanical equipment, home appliances, metering devices and packing

To manufacture houseware (tableware, bowls, buckets, tanks, baths, etc)

To manufacture colour-coated (and other type of coating) rolled steel


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Galvanized Steel Products

Galvanized steel is well suited for applications that need rust-resistant materials at a competitive price, ultraviolet light protection, and easy integration with other materials. Industries that use hot-dipped galvanized steel products include:


·Agriculture Equipment

·Automobile Accessories

·Automotive Frames


·Pipe and Tubular

·Railroad Tracks




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Shandong Linghang Steel Group Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan, Shandong Province, with convenient transportation. The company was established in 2020 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan.
Currently, there are nearly 100 employees. This company specializes in producing stainless steel.Steel plate, stainless steel tube, stainless steel bar and other stainless steel profiles. In addition, it also produces various alloy plates. The main materials of our products are TP304/304L, TP316/316L, TP321, 310S, 904L, S31803, 2520Si2, Monel400, etc. There is in the company the annual output of various stainless steel products is more than 10,000 tons, mainly including Used in petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, construction, decoration, semiconductor, Automobile engine, locomotive braking system, gas equipment manufacturing, instruments and meters Equipment, food processing, catering, brewing and other industries.

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